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Frequently Asked Questions - Page 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I fund my account?
When your account is opened, the broker will assign you a temporary account number and will send you instructions to fund the account. You can fund by credit card or by wire transfer.

How can I withdraw my profit from my account?
Visit www.atcbrokes.co.uk, click on “My Account”, log in and follow the instructions to withdraw funds.
If you have any questions, feel free to call ATC brokers at 1-800-2549194.

How do I add more money to my account?
The same way you added funds when you opened the account. Only this time you will reference your permanent account number when you are sending funds.

Can I open or close trades in my account that is subscribed to ForexManagedFund.com?
No. Once you have subscribed to ForexManagedFund.com signals, you cannot open or close the trades. The only way you can close the trades is when you unsubscribe from our signals. You can do it when you log in your account. Once you are unsubscribed, all the open positions in your account will be closed.

Can US and Canadian residents also participate in Forex?
Yes, they can.

Is your trading aggressive or conservative?
We look for best opportunities with best risk to reward ratio. However you have a choice to go more aggressive (Change the factor to 2 or 3) or you can be conservative (change the factor to 0.5) Once you change the factor to 2, you are making twice as much profit as us and also taking twice as much risk. Once you change the factor to 0.5, you are reducing the risk and profit by half.

What kind of returns can I expect?
Our goal is to make minimum five percent return on our capital every month.

Are your trades long term or short term?
Our different traders have different style. However, they are mostly short term traders.

Can we have a trading account with any forex broker?
No. Presently we are only working with ATCBroker.co.uk. You need to open an account with ATC Broker in order to subscribe to our trading signals.

How do I open an account?
Click on “Getting Started” tab to fill out your online application with the broker.

Our Company

As one of the best Forex/Gold signal providers in the market, we take pride in delivering the best performance for our clients.

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Our Strategy

To diversify risk, our group of experienced fund managers and traders each trade an equal proportion of the trading account.

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Our History

Forex Managed Fund.com was formed in 2003 when the whole concept of making profit in foreign exchange market was practically unknown.

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