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Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my principle guaranteed?
No, your principle is not guaranteed. No one can ever guarantee your principle unless it is in GIC or fixed deposit in a bank. Just like any other investment you are prone to gains and losses in the market. However, remember two things: 1. Money is always in your control, and 2, we have many professional fund managers on board who have consistent positive returns over last two decades. So the probability to make profit with us is very high.

How safe is my money with the broker?
The brokers are government regulated and they have to abide by their laws. When it comes to consumer’s money, the United Kingdom government has very strict laws that the brokers must follow.

How often can I withdraw my profit?
Anytime you like, as frequent as you like.

Are my funds locked in for a specific time?
No they are not. You can stay connected with us as long or as little as you like.

If I am not satisfied with performance and wish to unsubscribe, can I do it anytime?
Yes, that is correct. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You can withdraw the funds anytime you want. You can add the funds anytime you want. That’s total freedom.

Does ForexManagedFund.com have access to funds in my account?
No. The funds in your trading account are in your name. The account is in your name. You are the owner of the account and only YOU can make deposits or withdrawals. Forex managed fund.com is only providing trading signals, not managing your money.

What’s the difference between providing trading signals and managing fund?
As a trading signal provider, we send a recommendation as to when to buy and sell a currency. You decide how much risk you want to take, how much money you want to make, how much you can afford to lose and how conservative/aggressive you want to be. If we were to manage your funds, we will make those decisions for you. However, at present time Forex managed fund.com does not offer any fund management. Do remember that once you have setup the account it is automatic and there is nothing for you to do.

If I don’t withdraw the profit, is the money reinvested?
Yes. The profit money left in your account will be reinvested so that you can take advantage of compounding.

When is subscription fee payment calculated and is due payable?
They are done on the last calendar day of each month.

Do I have to pay taxes on the profit generated from Forex managed fund.com?
You are responsible for paying taxes on all of your income according to the laws of your country. In case of any questions, please consult your accountant or legal tax advisor.

Is my money segregated?
Yes, your money is segregated, which means that it is separate from the Brokers fund. Even in the event the broker claims bankruptcy, your money is still protected.

Our Company

As one of the best Forex/Gold signal providers in the market, we take pride in delivering the best performance for our clients.

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Our Strategy

To diversify risk, our group of experienced fund managers and traders each trade an equal proportion of the trading account.

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Our History

Forex Managed Fund.com was formed in 2003 when the whole concept of making profit in foreign exchange market was practically unknown.

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