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Foreign Currency Exchange

Forex stands for Foreign Currency Exchange. It is the world’s largest market with a volume of four trillion dollars a day. Banks, multinational corporations and professional investors have always traded Forex. The vast majority of Bank revenue comes from Forex. Thanks to the internet, Forex was opened to the public in 1995. Since than an average investor can also participate in Forex with very little capital. Forex is a recession proof commodity, since you can take advantages when the market goes up and also when the market goes down. Combined with liquidity of four trillion dollars a day, fast execution, great leverage and a twenty four hours market has made it investors top choice to trade.

At present the global economy is in recession and with so many different fundamental scenarios playing out, both in the US and in Europe, the average investor is very reluctant to commit his investments, long term, in any particular financial sector. This makes the traditional investment vehicles, such as the Stock Market and Real Estate a very risky proposition. This is the very reason why forex has gained an incredible popularity among professional investors as their preferred choice to invest their hard earned money.

Our Company

As one of the best Forex/Gold signal providers in the market, we take pride in delivering the best performance for our clients.

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Our Strategy

To diversify risk, our group of experienced fund managers and traders each trade an equal proportion of the trading account.

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Our History

Forex Managed Fund.com was formed in 2003 when the whole concept of making profit in foreign exchange market was practically unknown.

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