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The Testimony of Amin Hirji:

MIG Program Graduate - Former VP Foreign Exchange, TD Securities - Trading Forex for 23 years

Hello Folks,
This is an unsolicited letter that I am writing to express my appreciation to Najam Mahmood and Monetary Investment Group for helping me take my trading to an unprecedented level.

Before meeting Najam Mahmood, I considered myself an expert, having traded professionally for Toronto Dominion Bank as Vice President, TD Securities.  Having been involved in the Financial Industry for the past 23 years, I always attend seminars, events and forums in related fields for overall enhancement of knowledge, and out of sheer interest to see what’s ‘hot’. My concentration and area of experience has been Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex). Lately, this has become the ‘must learn’ money making concept being sought out by countless individuals. To add to this hysteria, one would find a plethora of software, systems, newsletter services and training courses that promise amongst other things, a road map to navigate this complex field with ease.

In February this year, I attended the Vancouver Financial Forum and met Najam Mahmood at his Monetary Investment Group (MIG) booth. He had a rather imposing sign that read “Turn $10K into $1 Million in 5 years trading Foreign Exchange”. This was enough to spark my interest and I spoke to him about his system. He put forward a simple question to me which was “If I took away your indicators and left you a clean chart, could you trade?” I replied that it would be difficult for me. He further added that his system also does not use fundamentals and requires minimal screen time, like about 30 minutes per day and delivers a high percentage of accurate predictability.

By this time, I am saying to myself that it is time to move on to the next booth, as having traded professionally for 23 years at a major financial institution in Canada, I was very skeptical. Najam, having sensed my skepticism, directed me to his seminars to allow me to get a better sense of what he was all about. The high degree of confidence exhibited by Najam caused me to investigate this further.

At the seminar on February 20, 2005, I was taken aback by his analysis on the Euro, which became more compelling in May when the entire prediction had played out right down to within a few pips of his predictions. In a room of about 100 or so individuals, Najam asked what the group would like a prediction on. Someone piped “How about Euro?” This grabbed my attention but I wasn’t prepared for what followed, as it took him about 30 seconds to come up with the following. On February 20, 2005, Najam said that Euro which was trading at 1.3012 would go to 1.3310 (+300) after which it would drop to 1.3100 (200 pips) area. From here it will go 1.3475 (500 pips) then sharply drop to 1.2500 (1000 pips). At this point I really thought he had lost it as I couldn’t imagine how one could come up with such a pathway in less than a minute. My first reaction was to walk away but rather than doing that, I took detailed notes to use later and rub in his face in order to shock him with a dose of humility which I felt sure was going to happen.

Here is what happened after. On Feb28, Euro went to 1.3280 which was very close to 1.3310 as predicted by Najam. On March 11 Euro went to 1.3481 compared to Najam’s 1.3475. On May 26 Euro dropped to 1.2492 against Najam’s 1.2500. This was nothing short of incredible. I would give at least one wave to be correct on a per chance basis but to have this play out in its entirety with a very high degree of accuracy in a 3 month period was, in short, INCREDIBLE. At this point, I knew that I had to know what made him tick. I was dumbstruck when I crunched numbers that a 1900 pip move could have been captured resulting in a whopping $190,000 profit on a 10 lot trade, requiring an initial investment of $10,000 with a risk of only $3,000.  Part of this move was already underway when I was enrolled in the 3 day course on March 11, and I knew at that point in time that this was truly something unique, the likes of which I had not encountered during my entire career in FX.  The kicker was that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and that there was a lot more to come in the Advanced PhD Course.

Trading can be a very intensive, time consuming and stressful activity. There are easier ways to earn a living, but with the right education and tools, no business can come close to the astronomical returns. For me it was about taking my trading to new heights. I wanted to spend minimal screen time and look at a clean chart without the clutter of indicators. I also wanted to work smart and not hard as the expression goes, and hence needed a system and mentor to keep me focused on a specific tried and successful methodology. I am amongst a privileged group to be coached by Najam in his advanced course and have made a commitment to learn his methodology. What can someone with the likes of my experience be taught, one might ask? The answer is simply…a lot. I already came from a trading background before I took the courses and in spite of that, I took the courses in order to take the guesswork out of trading and to learn a proven successful strategy. I also needed to free up screen time so that I could pursue other passions.

The advanced course is truly scientific and has an art component all rolled up together in one. The scientific part comes in with using known concepts to determine and accurately predict market moves. The art concept comes in as in how Najam puts it all together. In my trading, I thrived off fundamentals and news which pretty much kept me on edge. I must admit that I was somewhat “freaked out” by the way the Euro played out as scripted by Najam. I have been looking for an elusive ‘holy grail of trading’ for the past 20+ years, and believe that I may have come pretty darn close to discovering it using his methodology. During our session, in the live trading phase, Najam pointed out trades worth more than 700 pips (700 x $10 x 10 lots = $70,000 with risk of only about $3,000). That’s the profit just in two weeks.  This further proves the merits of his system, methodology and mentoring.

Take it for granted that I too have a learning curve in this new system. I must say that I had checked in my skepticism and was very receptive to whatever I was about to learn. All I can say is that I have been humbled by what I discovered. I feel honored and privileged to be mentored by Najam and be guided through his program.  I cannot wait to master this new found unique methodology.  I know that my trading will be stress free from here on and the only stress will be how to find enough things to fill up the free time that this system gives you. In our sessions we were finished for the day by 7-7.30 am PST.

I keep on telling Najam, “Where were you 15 years ago?” The accurate predictions derived from our analysis are scientific, calculated and show a high probability set up entry and exit strategy.  Over the next little while, I plan to master this system and would commit to providing updates to my progress from here on.

Lastly, thanks to Najam, I will never look at a chart the way I used to in the past. In many cases, I feel that the chart is literally ‘talking’ to me when I apply the concepts learned in the course.

Thank you Najam, and may God bless you.

Amin Hirji
Former Vice President, TD Securities
MIG PhD Graduate

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