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Reasons To Do Business With Us

Our Edge

Our Edge

At ForexManagedFund.com we believe in transparency and the safety of our clients funds. Our program is designed so that when you subscribe to ForexManagedFund.com forex signals, you will be the owner and controller of your funds. What that means to you is you decide how much money you wish to risk and how much do you wish to profit. What that really means to you is confidence and peace of mind.

You also get to see every single trade of ours as they happen. You do not control the trading, but you know exactly what your money is doing at any given time. If at any point you are not satisfied with ForexManagedFund.com for whatever reason, you can unsubscribe from our signals. You don’t even need to tell us about it.

Remember you also have the freedom to withdraw money anytime you want, and you also have the freedom to deposit more money anytime you want.

Our subscription fees, brokers commission and our rights and responsibilities are all documented on our website at forexmanagedfund.com, therefore there is noting hidden or unknown in the fine print.

Our forex broker is one of the best in the industry with leading edge technology. It gives you peace of mind knowing that they are very heavily regulated by the government. Also do keep in mind that your money is segregated from the broker’s funds. What that really means is that even if the broker declares bankruptcy, your funds will be untouched.

You are not locked in for any specific time period in our subscription, which means you have total flexibility with your account.

We at ForexManagedFund.com believe in fair business practice. Our clients are always given first priority. Therefore we have the slogan that If we don’t make money for our clients, then we don’t deserve anything. For that very reason, we don’t have any management fee at all. It is simple profit sharing. When we make you a profit, only then we charge you a subscription fee.

Best of Both Worlds


One of the many advantage that forex managed fund offers is that it hedges it's capital with gold. With the advantage of leverage, it doesn't take much capital to hedge with gold. So in the event of inflation, the value of gold usually goes up and you are receiving a capital gain. With the remainder of the money we are trading currencies, which are recession proof, so you are also receiving cash flow every month. This strategy of ours gives you a huge advantage over other investments since you are getting capital gain with gold and cash flow with forex. You have the best of both worlds. Unlike the stock market and real estate, your investments are very liquid, which means that your money is available to you at any given time.

Our Company

As one of the best Forex/Gold signal providers in the market, we take pride in delivering the best performance for our clients.

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Our Strategy

To diversify risk, our group of experienced fund managers and traders each trade an equal proportion of the trading account.

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Our History

Forex Managed Fund.com was formed in 2003 when the whole concept of making profit in foreign exchange market was practically unknown.

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