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How Does It Work

How Does ForexManagedFund.com work?

The process to get involved with ForexManagedFund.com is very simple, transparent and secure. First you open an account with a Forex Broker. The account with the broker is just like a bank account. You can deposit money anytime, you can withdraw money anytime and you can also watch it online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Next you attach your account by subscribing to forexmanagedfund.com signals. Then your account will be attached to ForexManagedFund.com. Once your account is attached to our account, whatever trading is done in our account, will be duplicated in your account. At the end of the month we charge you a fee of fifty percent of the profit.

What Happens If There Is A Loss?

Let’s say you started with $10,000. First month you made one thousand dollar profit. You take $500 and Forex managed fund.com will take $500. Now your balance is $10,500. The highest balance reached in your account is called the Benchmark. So now your benchmark is $10,500. Let’s assume, for example, that you have lost $500 next month. The balance is now $10,000. In the event that we only made $500 next month then all of it will go to you.  We can't take any profit until we have met your benchmark. Now, let's assume next month you made a profit of $1000. Of that $1000, first $500 will go back to you to compensate for the loss incurred the previous month and then whatever is left over, in this case it is $500, we will share it fifty-fifty. So you will receive an additional $250 and Forex managed fund.com will receive $250. Your new benchmark is now $10,750. Next month Forex managed fund.com must bring the balance above your new benchmark for us to make any money.

Our Company

As one of the best Forex/Gold signal providers in the market, we take pride in delivering the best performance for our clients.

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Our Strategy

To diversify risk, our group of experienced fund managers and traders each trade an equal proportion of the trading account.

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Our History

Forex Managed Fund.com was formed in 2003 when the whole concept of making profit in foreign exchange market was practically unknown.

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